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Copenhagenize your next event

Life and science come together in Copenhagen, providing a foundation for a value-creating scientific outcome while presenting the perfect backdrop for your event.

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Hands-on guide to sustainable events

How can you ensure a sustainable event that  positively affects your industry and our planet?

We have created a useful pre-planning tool that highlights your ambitions and keeps you on track in regards to SDGs and carbon emissions while ensuring a long-term positive impact of your event.

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"Copenhagen is one of my favorite congress destinations. The city is so beautiful and easily accessible, with great accommodation capacity and many stylish venues for evening events. The conference facilities are very comfortable, with minimalist, Nordic design, so easy to personalize and make our delegates feel home. But it is not just the city, it is the people - one of the best conference teams I worked with so far."

- Simona Barbulescu, Event Coordinator, Intergraf 2019

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Explore venues virtually

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Use our virtual site inspection tool and be inspired by venues, hotels and attractions from the comfort of your own desk.

Personalized promo video

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Imagining your event in Copenhagen is easy - with this simple video tool, you can create your own personalized promo video in a few minutes - no editing involved. 

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Copenhagen has a well-earned reputation as a convention city, and has been backdrop to numerous life science events. Let Copenhagen Convention Bureau support you throughout your entire process - regardless of where you are in your planning journey. 

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