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Interested in developing new international congresses in Copenhagen?
A congress is an ideal setting to draw attention to your field and excel in your area of expertise, present products and build networks across borders and titles.


Copenhagen has a lot to offer – before, during and after your congresses and meetings. Before your events, Copenhagen Convention Bureau can introduce you to the right people and help you with the preparations. And after the events you will probably be able to enjoy the great results, thanks to our best-in-class legacy track record

  • Professional recognition

  • Valuable partnerships

  • Attraction of knowledge, talent, and investments

“Copenhagen is a beautiful, vibrant city that opens its arms to event organisers. With it’s leading universities and industry leaders in the field of microbiome research and NPD, we had the perfect base for our Probiota event. We couldn't have asked for better support from the CCB… From hosted lunches to brokered meetings with sponsor prospects to encouraging key individuals in industry and academia to come to the event - we had a knowledgeable, well-connected and proactive local partner. We very much look forward to making our return to the city in the foreseeable future.” 
- Tim Evans, Strategic Partnership Director, Probiota Conference 2019

Why Copenhagen for your congresses and meetings

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

Copenhagen offers everything you need for your congresses and meetings - for the organizer, as well as for the delegates. Copenhagen is consistently ranked amongst the world's most popular capital cities for conventions and is the life science and innovation hub of northern Europe.

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Copenhagen is the gateway to Scandinavia with an abundance of direct flights from over 160 international destinations and has easy access with public transportation around the city 24/7. 

Contacts and toolbox for your congress in Copenhagen

Learn more about the wide spectrum of tools and materials you can be provided with in order to support the planning of your next life science congress or event.

"Congresses is all about bringing people together and creating new knowledge and inspiration. Copenhagen is one of the most vibrant and progressive cities in Northern Europe. The city was both a beautiful backdrop for the congress and a city that took active part in the congress."
- Kirstine Vestergård Nielsen, Local Host, EMS 2018 COPENHAGEN


Sustainable Copenhagen with awards

Photo: Lina Ahnoff

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Man with child on bike
Man with child on bike

Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

How can you with a strategic and systematic process ensure a long-term positive impact of your event? Copenhagen Legacy Lab, an award-winning, innovative, and free-of-charge initiative helps associations and local capabilities address national agendas and work with broader value creation.

Discover for yourself how Copenhagen Legacy Lab has built legacy through case studies and useful insights.

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Get a head start in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Convention Bureau is the official convention bureau of Greater Copenhagen. Together with our wide spectrum of industry partners we assist you throughout your planning process.