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Considering establishing a business in Copenhagen’s booming life science sector?
Doing business in Greater Copenhagen is like a walk in the park. It is a unique place and offers vast opportunities to do business. Among many other things, it is easy, green and rewarding - not just for your business, but for the people you work with as well. Copenhagen Capacity will help you get started!

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Your business will be in good company in Copenhagen. With more than 580 life science businesses, you will get the best possible conditions, whether you are a startup or a consolidated company. Copenhagen Capacity is ready to assist you on your company journey! 

The right move for your business

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Copenhagen is not only known for its great life science environment. But also for its uncomplicated system for you who want to set up a company. Actually, the Danish capital is ranked Europe’s easiest place for business.

Let us assist you in establishing your business in Copenhagen. Get a chance to connect with the triple helix ecosystem unique to Copenhagen and the DNA of success.

Collaborative work

3 good reasons to choose Copenhagen

No. 1 in Europe for doing business

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Copenhagen is rated among the world's top locations for setting up a business. You will find that it is a free-market capitalist economy with a strong social welfare safety net, work-life balance and flat hierarchies.

World-class R&D and a focus on Life Science

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With skilled companies, a robust healthcare system, and internationally leading research environments, life science and welfare technology are one of Denmark’s most significant positions of strength.

Strategic location & skilled workforce

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Often described as the gateway to Scandinavia, Copenhagen has long been a city which combines high-quality life with great business power. Adding to this, one of Europe’s best education systems, where nine out of ten Danes speak English.

For decades, we have tried to find a solution to diminish obesity. None the less, the issue keeps escalating, and today it is one of the World’s biggest health problems. In Copenhagen, we have a unique triple helix within the life science area. We believe it will be the strongest weapon yet in the fight against obesity. And we need the right companies to help us put it to work. Join our fight for Healthy Weight!

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Get a head start in Copenhagen

Get a head start in Copenhagen, together with Copenhagen Capacity. You can be sure that Copenhagen Capacity will help you feel at home right away.