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For decades, we have tried to find a solution to diminish obesity. None the less, the issue keeps escalating, and today it is one of the World’s biggest health problems. In Copenhagen, we have a unique triple helix where private companies, academia and the public sector support each other, work together, and use the synergy to break new ground within the life science area. We believe it will be the strongest weapon yet in the fight against obesity. And we welcome you to join us, whether you are a talent, a company, or an organizer of a convention. Join our fight for healthy weight!

Balancing Life and Science

Learn more about the life science community in Copenhagen

Enjoy life in Copenhagen

Foto: Visit Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, you can have a thriving career and yet have time to enjoy a vibrant, trendy and sustainable metropolis with high living standards and work-life balance.

A collaborative ecosystem

Get a chance to connect with the triple helix ecosystem unique to Copenhagen and the DNA of success. 

We believe that working together will get us further.